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Chipotle Hummus? Yes, Please!

I don’t have any photos which is such a blogger no-no. But I had to share this new recipe…or at least (another) new twist on an old favourite. Hummus. We all love the hummus don’t we. (That’s right, it’s not … Continue reading

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Photo Comparative Blood Analysis (2)

Remember the Copper tasting like nails? Well, not so much anymore! Seems that the mineral is building in my system and as it does, the recipient (moi) doesn’t taste it as much when ingesting. Fascinating, isn’t it? I completed a … Continue reading

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Peas And Beans And Bacon

I’ll admit that lately I’ve been in a real meal slump. I feel as though I’m serving a lot of repeats and while there are no complaints, it just gets mundane…you know?! I wanted something (to make and serve!) for … Continue reading

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After our BBQ burger and aubergine feast the other night, we had a bunch of leftover eggplant rounds. All seasoned and ready to go, I had them sitting in the fridge wrapped and awaiting their demise… But then we had … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Hummus

Yum. It was so simple. I was making hummus. Yes, again. The typical jar of originally-purchased-but-soaked-and-simmered-chickpeas (approx 500mL) including some liquid. A couple swivels of EVOO, a quarter cup of lemon juice, a couple pinches of salt, a couple tablespoons … Continue reading

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Hummus…Take It Up A Notch

We love our hummus around here. Love. Three out of us five eat it consistently. Because we can, and in order to go easy on the budget, I now purchase the chickpeas dried instead of canned. A can of chickpeas … Continue reading

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