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The sun seems to have disappeared recently. Making guest appearances here and there during which we dance and bask in the heat head out and check the garden or race around our cul-de-sac on all things with wheels. The thunder … Continue reading

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Munchkin Monday

This space was quiet last week. But not our space. Oh no. Our walls shrieked of an ear infection, strep throat (what?! twice in seven weeks…how can that be!), and of course soccer and baseball games, playmates, a twelve day … Continue reading

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Adoption Magazine Post

I’ve had the privilege of posting a couple of articles…some teeny Ashleigh thoughts…over the months, through the Adoption Magazine. It’s online. It’s wonderful. It’s such a resource. And, drum roll please: It’s Canadian!!! And today I shared again. I kind … Continue reading

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Mini Puffs: The First Attempt

I’ve been itching for awhile now to attempt something…anything…in this sweet girl’s beautiful tight curls. So the other day I took the plunge. There was some bribery food involved. (Man, am I glad we had those two graham crackers left … Continue reading

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