Our Favourite Recipes

Below is an ever-growing compilation of our favourite recipes – many from our Family’s repertoire and a truckload of newbies. Most healthy and our-home-kid-friend (this means we have reduced or – usually – eliminated sugar and other refined icky stuff!). Many of these recipes are Paleo or gluten free (check out Wheat Belly!). Some of us here have to follow this lifestyle and some of us are choosing to – and feeling better for it. For a full list of recipes throughout this site, click on the list at the right side of the main page screen. These favourites ones we use over and over…

We don’t cook with or use pre-packaged foods. We don’t feel you should have to buy something full of added antioxidants, probiotics, iron, or fibre (and the list continues!). We do feel you should be able to get all these nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in their natural form! And that’s how we roll.

This list is ever growing so check back often!


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