The Family


I’m Ashleigh. Wife to Ben. We recently transplanted our family to a friendly little Albertan city. We love it.

I am also Mama to three small children who are growing. Lots. Which means they are eating. Lots. And two of these small children are boys so they really eat lots. And their sister can hold definitely her own.

On A Chilly December Day

Our goal while raising our healthy children is just that: raising healthy children. And during our few short years with them we don’t want to rob a bank to feed them well. We like to bake, cook, and make yummy (really!) healthy stuff from scratch. We also like to do it on a dime, if possible!

We enjoy recipes without wheat and usually corn-free too…and of course very very low in sugar – there are too many healthier alternatives!

I am passionate about finding recipes and giving them a twist. I rarely measure and if the kids can help then even better. Life’s full of too many complicated details…cooking and baking don’t need to be full of them too!

We’re big into budgeting and living comfortably within our budget. We have always been aware of excess, clutter, and wants over needs, however our travels to Ethiopia to meet and bring our daughter home broke our hearts at the realization of what “enough” truly me means.

Thanks for stopping by.

When we know better we do better, right?


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