Dirty Organic Produce

I’m all for saving a buck. And, when fruit is in season we definitely try to stock up and if possible freeze the flavour-bursting berries, especially! When possible we buy organic but the cost truly is more significant and I will not purchase it unless it is certified organic – as opposed to simply organic.

Here’s the deal in case you were’t yet aware: Companies don’t have to meet all organic criteria in order to put the label on their product. Unless it states certified organic, it has not passed all the tests…it doesn’t meet tip top organic standards. You will pay more for that seal but it’s worth it, isn’t it?

An article on the “Dirty Dozen” Fruits and Veggies List was recently published for the 2012 year. I don’t need to reiterate, you can simply head over and take a look.

I personally know of the toxicity of some of these seasonal pieces as my Mum (who, otherwise has no allergies, runs daily, attends several yoga classes weekly and is one of the most fit and trim and young 62 year old you may ever meet) has undergone some impressive (or not) reactions. When purchasing cherries recently (at a large, renown Vancouver market), she asked the vendor if they were organic. He flat our replied no. Kudos to him for not trying to pull a fast one! He followed up by informing her that while the cherries themselves had never been sprayed with pesticides, the blossoms had – in order to rid them of bugs. My Mum purchased them and went on her way. She got home, washed them, ate them, and had an awful reaction!

The reason? The pesticides were essentially embedded in the cherry, since the bush had been sprayed during it’s ‘infancy’ or blossom stage. Is that not frightening?!

The final paragraph in the “Dirty Dozen” article really hits home and I am so thankful we were too frugal to purchase our baby food and instead made it from scratch. I urge mothers of babies to do the same.

The moral: know what’s going into – or onto! – your produce; ask questions; look for the word certified when purchasing organics; perhaps increase the food budget slightly and decrease your date, gift, or ‘miscellaneous’ lines to accommodate this necessity; be wise!

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One Response to Dirty Organic Produce

  1. so glad to see people sharing this information!! the dirty dozen list is such a great way to open even a newbie up to organic shopping! 🙂 we WILL make a change in this world with how and what we eat – i can feel it.

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