Health Nut…Not So Healthy

(This will be at least a two part post. The information abounds and there is so much to digest…pun intended.)

At first glance, this site would tell you much. We are healthy. We like it outdoors – active. We seek to do well.

After a few quick reads, it doesn’t take much to realize that this Mama strays from sugar, winces at wheat, and wants what’s best for the wee ones. Personally, I’ve endured many struggles over the years. Aches and pains, digestion (or lack thereof), eliminating foods from the diet (hence the appreciation and affirmation of lifestyles similar to Paleo and Wheat Belly). However, the energy has always been lower than perhaps it should be. Assuming this to be the result of raising three small and very (!!!) active children, as well as maintaining an active lifestyle and simply being the recipient of one poor digestive system, the near constant pain has been something simply “dealt with” on a daily basis. I have a very high pain threshold.

Are you tired? Does your stomach always ache? Do you wake up each morning wondering how much it will subside? Do you cut out foods you know make it worse? (And feeling somewhat better when you do…but never 100%.) Do you sleep a lot? (Perhaps, do you sleep too much?) Do you take acidophilus every morning? Do you eat well? Do you exercise and drink lots of water?

Me too.

And my insides are not happy.

I can say this now that I have seen them.

Well, sort of.

Last week, a friend and I took an afternoon and headed just over an hour north for appointments made two months ago. We were anxious and excited and simply curious. Our appointments were each for a Photo Comparative Blood Analysis.

Four big words.

And, one little finger prick.

And, five little drops of blood.

And a whole lot of nastiness.

Oh. My. Poor. Body. My poor red blood cells. My poor poor liver. My poor poor gallbladder. My system has been fighting a losing battle on the ph (acidity) front.

This X-ray technician turned Photo Comparative Blood Analyst is incredible. He first certified in 2001 and has been practicing ever since. His passion found roots through the near death journey (due to childhood leukaemia) of his very very sick five year old who should have died but is now a thriving seventeen year old. Not because of western medicine but because of this very intricate study, test, and prescriptions not usual to most of us.

May I take a brief hiatus here and stake my claim in the use of regular, western doctors. I’m not one to book an appointment at the drop of a hat but I appreciate the necessity of a good GP. Also, my faith is first and foremost so no voodoo or witch doctors were involved in any part of this process.

Back to the appointment. My blood was taken, placed under a microscope and examined. It was then projected onto a TV for my very own eyes to admire and question.


Details aren’t all required – my business is, after all, my business – but suffice to say there are many organs who have been screaming at me for years. Years, people. (For some nitty gritty, I would be happy to share on a one-to-one basis.) Inflammation, minimal function, toxicity, one organ doing it’s darndest to make up for a lack of productivity on the part of another organ or two, parasites (yes, you read that right), and a host of other concerns.

Are you often tired, he asked. Do you ache, he asked. Are you, not depressed, but do you struggle to be positive at times, he requested. Do you drink Pepsi, he inquired. (It used to be my pop of choice if I were to have one, but I rarely drink it nowadays…and it has a particular chemical which has an effect on the blood that no other soda beverage does. This effect has remained from years ago. No one knows why. Honestly, I don’t want to – it scares me.) A myriad of other questions ensued. Each inquiry pinpointed a physical problem I have fought for years. And these questions, each very specific, were due to what was seen in my blood (or not seen, in the case of majorly lacking minerals).

I will share some of the supplements I am currently taking and will continue to take, until my follow up in a couple of months, through a post next week. For the time being, there have been more foods than I could have ever imagined cutting out, eliminated from my diet. For the time being. 

May I say that after three full days of following his regime, I started to notice a difference. It is now day seven and between temporary dietary restriction and many herbal supplements (did you know you can drink Copper in a liquid form – it tastes like nails), I am a new girl.

No kidding.

I will leave you with this one thought. Several weeks ago I mentioned that a can of pop contains the equivalent of 8 tsp of sugar. We all balked and then kept on our daily routine.

Now read the following (it’s truth) and try walking away unchanged:

One tsp of refined sugar (white or brown) has the same damaging, toxic effect on your liver as does two packs of cigarettes to your lungs. 

Doing the math this means that one can of pop (eight tsp of sugar) is as detrimental to your liver as smoking SIXTEEN packs of cigarettes is to your lungs. 

And to make matters worse, one tsp of white flour is worse than one tsp of refined sugar. 

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2 Responses to Health Nut…Not So Healthy

  1. Jenn G. says:

    How did you find a ‘Blood Analyst’? I could be interested in seeing someone like that. I’m a traditional ‘go to your doctor’ kinda person, but with Health issues coming up now and then, it would be kinda interesting to see what one would say, but I’d love to see someone closer to me 🙂

    • Ashleigh says:

      A friend who recently moved here (w/ a little one from Wolayta) found him, through a friend who actually flew him to her hometown. Sorta complicated version, there. The changes in how I feel are incredible. You could google Photo Comparative Blood Analysis but I think this guy is the only one around/local. They are few and far between b/c the pharmaceutical companies don’t like them (similar to naturopaths, etc) b/c they don’t write north american medicinal prescriptions…no prescriptions = no money for those companies.

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