Teff On A Budget

It’s no secret. Bob’s Red Mill is wonderful. The products are quality controlled, they are consistent, they are delicious, and they have earned for themselves a fantastic reputation.

Oh – and they are not cheap.

I realize many of Bob’s Red Mill (let’s abbreviate that, shall we: BRM) are harder to find items, several are products which are milled in very small batches and whose original form is costly from the get go. (I’m thinking of products such as almond meal or coconut flour.) Back about a month ago, when on the quest to create great Injera I found myself with no other option but BRM. Our local health food store carried it and I scored it at 20% off and also had a $5 off coupon. I bought the bag for a measly $3 or so. Fast forward a couple of week and several injera starter feedings and I found myself teff-less. (That’s a word, right?!)

I gave it a few days as the clerk’s unpacked the dozens of boxes from the store’s weekly shipment. No teff. They told me to call back the next day as there were still more boxes. They repeated the same song and dance the following day. Truthfully, the thought of $9 (and taxes) per pound bag was a bit of a put off…add to that the labour and the time and then all the accompanying Wat dishes and I was contemplating Ethiopian take-out. Can you blame me?

I gave up. (But still had my starter growing in the fridge!)

Then a friend asked if we had a Bulk Barn in our area. And, what do you know we do. Truthfully, the basic and rustic name is a bit of a put-off to me. Just seems a bit too basic and…I can’t put my finger on it. Entering, however is a whole other story. It’s a bulk and health food haven. No kidding. After a quick online scour I learned that they too carry Teff. And it’s not $9/lb. And the day I went it was even a weekly sale product.

We’ll be eating Ethiopian again very very soon!

It pays to search…if even in those unexpected places.

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4 Responses to Teff On A Budget

  1. Anita says:

    Wow – I never would have thought of going there. I’ve looked often at superstore for teff but haven’t come across it. Maybe I’ll have to try making injera now…would love some tips if you have some recipes!

    • Ashleigh says:

      hey anita!

      this second round of teff injera turned out better than the first and once you’ve done it, the intimidation factor (which i felt to be HUGE) diminishes a thousand-fold. 🙂 i will be more specific soon (in a post) i think, as the site i used was great as a base but i needed to beg for help and then went with my gut and hoped for the best on a few things. here’s a bit of insight from the first try: https://livehealthyonadime.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/please-pass-the-injera/

      hope you 5 are enjoying summer! (happy belated anniversary, too)

  2. Jenn G. says:

    Sure do hope you leave some recipes 😉 – I’m thinking instead of trying a BUNCH of recipes next time, maybe I’ll just make ONE dish, see how it turns out!!!-HAHAHAHA!!

    • Ashleigh says:

      I will I will! Sooooon. You can do this!! I think your one-dish-approach is a good call. Then you will be confident and you can build on that!!!

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