How is it that one small boy has reached seven? Something this Mama never thought could possibly happen.

But it did. Or rather, it has.

And we celebrated. A lot.

And with boys. A lot.

And California Kick-Ball. (Never heard of it? It’s fun. And relatively easy to play…until you attempt explaining it to a large handful of over-excited giddy six and seven year olds. Then, only then, does it seem like it could be the world’s most complex game. But the most important thing is having fun, right?! And fun was definitely had. And there was a lot of running…which was ultimately the goal: run them out. It’s an unattainable goal, now duly noted.)

And Soccer. And Nerf Guns. And trampoline bouncing. And pizza making (and of course eating). And cake gobbling. And gift opening. And screams (!!!) of joy.

And oh. My oh my. That was a lot of boys.

(We celebrate annually because we are certain it may take us approximately 364 days to recover. )

And it was such a success.

And we are so thankful for this boy.

And perhaps the highlight for this Mama was the candid, unexpected, sweet song escaping the mouths of seven young boys as they broke into an impromptu chorus of “God Bless You Always” immediately following the chanting of “Happy Birthday To You“.

Sweet sweet boys…trapped in bodies with more energy than one person could know what to do with.

(More on what we ate and drank – aside from the obvious, above – and how we saved moola, another day.)

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4 Responses to Seven

  1. Elsie Hiebert says:

    Boy’s parties just about do me in. I’ve survived many of them. Nice cake.

  2. Katie says:

    Love the hockey cake! You’re not old enough to have a 7 year old, BTW. Crazy crazy life, moving too fast.

    • Ashleigh says:

      I was just thinking how hot you are (thinking of the FB father’s day pic of you and BJ) and especially as a Mama to THREE itty bitties. 🙂

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