Did You Hear The One About…

I’m not guru, just passionate. I’m not super savvy about every good bad and ugly fast food (and restaurant) joint out there, just yearning to know more. And, often as I learn more, I am more frightened about all the words in the english language I simply cannot pronounce. Try getting your tongue around acetylated mono and diglyceride. Not too challenging? Try saying it five times quickly. Try telling me what it is.

It’s somewhere near the sixth or seventh ingredient found in Fruit Roll-Ups. You know, the ones housed in boxes which proudly state: made with real fruit. It finds it’s way a little below partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil. Funny, I only use cotton to clean my daughter’s ears.

I digress.

Do you ever wonder what it is that holds (binds) our food together? What is it that restaurants use to give our stir-fry that extra “mmmm” factor…because you just can’t seem to replicate it at home. And how is it that the kids will eat handfuls of those granola bars claiming to be chock full of oats, flax, and raisins (and of course made of whole grains) but take a few extra minute to eat yours – even though they have those exact ingredients. What’s that ingredient…that one thing…that makes them want to eat eight of the packaged items and you can fill them up with only one?

How is it that fast food places have healthy menus – off of which people actually have lost dozens of pounds – and yet the ingredients in the foods are…SCARY.
Did you hear the one about Subway?

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