The sun seems to have disappeared recently. Making guest appearances here and there during which we dance and bask in the heat head out and check the garden or race around our cul-de-sac on all things with wheels.

The thunder has been fantastic – though not so much as 4am. The hail has been novel, too – though not while trying to race down slides at the park. (It’s a fascinating phenomenon in the hair of one small African babe…quite intriguing how it simply nests itself amongst the curls.)

It’s Spring…what can we say. We love it. We embrace the mostly West Coast (read: damp) feel, knowing that it will be short lived. We do, from time to time, flick that switch which is the fire and heat ourselves in front of it. It’s not necessary but it’s novel.

And we continue with our days.

Time with new friends. Evenings of baseball and soccer. Hours of playing at parks and riding bikes. Another PPR complete (two down and only one to go!). So much new. Good news from friends. Up and coming adventure for these Five. This season…this year…brings a change of pace for our wee family.

And we love it.

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