Please Pass The Injera

Mission accomplished!

Sunday evening, after a week of waiting for the (Teff only) Injera to ferment, this little family feasted on a whole lot of Ethiopian Food namely in the way of injera and wat.

Sometimes my brain reads things in english…even though they are written in french. A bi-product of many years of immersion…you get the idea though. I was dead set on Teff-only Injera because of the gluten free aspect. It’s also remarkably high in fibre and iron which are always winning qualities around here!

At one point during the cooking process, with many pots on the stove, I left and whipped outside to confer about the reorganization of the garage and the pulling of nastiness shrubs from the garden. Each time I entered the house the deep, rich, spicy aromas of Ethiopia, Addis, Habesha 2000, Abyssinia, and Abenezer welcomed me back. Home.

The injera recipe is found here. But I must admit I desperately pleaded and frantically emailed consulted the most wonderful of resources, The Mrs Bletherer. You don’t know her? She’s wonderful. And super savvy. And didn’t make me feel like a fish out of water. Although I was…a fish out of water, that is.

The morning before we were to cook it…after it’s last ‘feeding’.

Okay, so Injera was sitting (fermenting!) and waiting to be all cooked up and stuff.

Some of us were really excited to be cooking the stinky stuff soon and no longer smell that sour fermenting stink!

Ahead of time – and by ahead of time I mean the night before and the morning of – I decided to cook up Beef Tibs, Spicy Potatoes and Carrots, and Shiro Wat. I didn’t feel it was a lofty goal…until we had company arrive around 1:30 and leave at 4:15 and I realized at that point that if food wasn’t on the table within about an hour and a quarter, the inner monster that is the hunger emerging from small children would be unleashed the little people would be very hungry and politely asking for food.

Oh, and I’d never attempted any of this.

Nor did I have any part of any dish prepared.

I hadn’t so much read through the directions…just the ingredients list. I did have all the ingredients!

But I do love a good challenge.

And I do love to multitask.

And a little adrenaline is good for me once in awhile.

So I peeled, chopped, diced, chopped some more, stirred, poured a little oil, a lot of water, and a teeny bit of wine, and measured (sort of) a whole lot of Berbere and Shiro. Oh yum. Berbere and Shiro.

And whaddya know…I only cut my hand a little. That’s pretty good for me. Really. I don’t have the best  track record when it comes to knives and can lids and stuff.

I’d share the recipes for the dishes but other than the Injera, they are all courtesy of a friend’s homemade cookbook and an online forum. I’ll happily share very similar ones if you want…I just can’t link these particular ones.

Beef Tibs starting out…

Hello Spicy Potatoes and Carrots!!

Shiro Wat. Oh. My. Deliciousness.

My enthusiasm as I put the dishes down on the table and piled a little of this and spooned a little of that on top of each little person’s injera was sickly sweet. All the while hoping and praying this meal wouldn’t tank.

He nearly out ate his father.

And here you have it…a huge success! Some people even requested it for lunch. Sure, there was many a glass of milk downed to help put out some small fires. But it wasn’t so spicy that any one stopped eating.

We’ll do it again soon. And ironically, the day we enjoyed our first home made traditional Ethiopian meal this small girl arrived (in her new) home and her Mama (and family!) brought home an Injera basket for us. Yay!

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2 Responses to Please Pass The Injera

  1. Katie says:

    Ok – can we talk about how handsome Noah is getting? His hair style totally makes him look grown up! I can’t deal with it. And injera….looks delicious! Way to go Mama.

  2. Gwen says:

    OKAY, seeing these pics has definitely put me in the mood to make Ethiopian! I’m getting out my red onions now…. YUMMO!!!!!

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