Training: The Kid(s) And The Parent And The Potty

I’m secure enough in my parenting, parenting decisions, and child-rearing experience to divulge a bit of this. I may be criticized for pushing and trying to “get things done” too early.

Too early from a physical development perspective.

Too early from a mental development perspective.

Too early because I am misunderstood as pushing through a normal stage of infancy or toddlerhood.

Our first was potty trained at 25 months. Our second was potty trained (done!) by 23 months.

It seems our third is well on her way. I say this with the knowledge that we’ve only been at it a few days and I’m not going “cold turkey” (with the use…or lack thereof) on the diaper front.

I’ve never purchased a Pull-Up, nor do I intend to. It’s diapers or nothing. (I’ve mentioned before my “all or nothing” personality flaw trait.)

With the boys it worked. It worked great and after a few days of making sure there was lots of (consistent) potty time, it wasn’t an issue. They were ready and so were we.

WE. Were. Ready.

I am referring to the parents here. Because, in my opinion potty training really refers to the training of the parental units as much (actually, if we’re being really honest – more so!) as the babe. With our first I felt that he was just ready. He was sweet and a good listener and his brother was a mere 7 months old, so we had lots of time together and we spent a good portion of it for several days, in the kitchen on his little potty. That said, we didn’t rearrange our schedule to accommodate the potty needs. We just made sure there was a pit stop before leaving the house and as soon as we arrived at our destination, (and prior to leaving said destination). Slowly, the number of trips to the loo per hour diminished. He began to grasp the meaning of “hold it” and I had a firm understanding of the concept that the bladder of a babe is wee. Pun intended.

With the second babe it was possibly easier. He was a cloth diapered babe (huge catalyst in the timing of training!) and he wanted to be like his brother…in every sense of the word. At the end of  his 23rd month he dropped both his nap and his need for diapers.

Number three.

Her verbal repertoire consists of two (understandable) words: uh oh and poop. Not simultaneously. And uh oh is a recent acquisition.

The latter was, truth be told, her first consistently spoken and distinctly understood word. I know you’re jealous. Every parents wants their child’s first real, understandable word to be Poop. It was also accompanied by her tapping her rear which was a sure sign. In prep for potty training (which I assumed and planned to be around August…at 21 months, but during the warmth of the summer when she could run around pantless), I would say the word and we’d gently tap her derriere whenever she’d done her business (which has always been way too frequent…can anyone say Ethiopian Gut?!).

She’s also in cloth.

So, the other day I called her bluff.

And at 17 months, on day one, she did her big business three times on the potty. And I mean serious business.

And so while it won’t be as “all or nothing” with her, partly because of her age and partly because of her minimal verbal communication, we are definitely well on our way and dang proud of it. Baby steps this time. She’s spent quite some time sitting on her little throne in the kitchen (and on the big one in…well, the bathroom of course – where are your toilets?!). And, she was quite happy to be there.

I attribute her personality and much of her intelligence and especially her determination to the woman to whom we are forever indebted. I also attribute a portion of the above to our DHA regimen. Around here we use Omega Pure Brain (Platinum). It’s higher in DHA than EPA (both are Omega-3 oils…and work in different areas of the body). DHA is what works on the brain and so while most Fish oils (which is what this is) are higher in EPA, ours is not. (It’s also very high in Vitamin D which is of course so very crucial not only for all of us, but especially those with dark skin.)

I digress.

Are you noticing a trend: I initiated. All three times. It was yours truly to ensured that with the other two, quality time was spent on their little potty several times an hour.  And while she did tell me (and accurately so!) a couple times today that she had to go, it was also my training which ensured she was on the potty regularly and that she spent some time there.

There were a lot of brotherly hugs, some shrieking and lots of clapping, high fiving, and all-round joyful praise after a performance.

Oh – and there were Smarties involved.

The first day there were three of them. (Her first taste of chocolate or confectionary of any shape or form!) The days after followed suit.

Because we’re not completely above bribery around here.

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3 Responses to Training: The Kid(s) And The Parent And The Potty

  1. Jenn says:

    Maybe Job is getting closer to the idea of being potty-trained. Usually after he’s ‘done’ he’ll come over and tell me he’s ‘poopy’–so maybe I just have to get more excited about the fact that he’s told me. I do think I’ll wait a little longer/warmer so that he can be outside like you mentioned before 😉
    Hopefully we’ll get this all figured out–sooner is better than later IMO. I saw this:
    and…I think I’m going to make something like this for Job when he’s ready. I KNOW I don’t want to clean up too much after some mishaps, but I’d like him to learn about pulling down his underwear and pulling them back up–might be good for night time too–we’ll see 🙂
    And for all those people that tell you that you are doing it too early–well…they are just jealous-BAWHAHAHA!!!

    • Ashleigh says:

      Ohhh! I LOVE those! Thanks so much for the link!…I’ll be working on those soon for sure.
      Yes, the outside thing is definitely fantastic! I think you’ll have an easier time w/ it than me though b/c I just put 2 and 2 together the other day and realized my neighbours can see it “all” and so while I can take advantage of letting her go ‘commando’ under skirts, it’s not quite the same. 🙂

  2. Jenn says:

    HAHAHA!! Yes, the ‘neighbours’–good luck with that one 😉 I thought they were pretty good-they are almost the same as the inserts we put in his cloth diapers-so might work out great eh?

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