Munchkin Monday

For us, this is family. Perfection. Baseball and soccer, pigtails covered in breakfast. Shrieks -good and bad-…they fill our walls and our home.
We. Are. Blessed.

This space was quiet last week. But not our space. Oh no. Our walls shrieked of an ear infection, strep throat (what?! twice in seven weeks…how can that be!), and of course soccer and baseball games, playmates, a twelve day work week, supper with friends. Yes, it was painful (did I mention the second bout of strep?) and it was lovely. And that’s what a young family is all about right? Resiliency. Living as best we can each day. Striving to do better and be better with each day. Giving more of ourselves.

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1 Response to Munchkin Monday

  1. Katie says:

    Hope you’re all feeling better!!

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