Salad A La T-Bone

Let’s not forget the beauty found in leftovers.

The re-creation of a once (recent!) delicious meal.

We treated ourselves Friday (actually, the local grocery store lured us with an unpassable sale) to t-bone steaks. Some of us rank ribs marginally above steak and others prefer the latter. Regardless, we’re all happy to chow down when a good cut of red meat is on the plate.

These bad boys were so big that four of us couldn’t finish two of them. And we love (!) our steak.

So, salad it was.

Making it just a bit more flavour full, I toasted sunflower seeds in just a pinch of steak spice. (This was the same spice used on the steak. My thought was it would bring out the flavour marinated into the beef.) And boy did they add a little extra tang/wow/zest/oh la la!

The base of this meal was spinach (hellooooooo iron…and at a whopping 7 calories per cup, who could pass this up!).

Sprayed very lightly with EVOO, salad dressing wasn't needed with all the other flavours topping this baby.

Other features included very thinly sliced mushrooms (sometimes I’ll sautée the mushrooms and throw in a few onions but a girl can only do so much at the end of the day), feta (great for a little zip!), cheddar (some folks in this home do strongly believe in the slogan: You Can Never Have Too Much Cheese), and then of course the piece de resistance: t-bone bbq-ed steak.

Salads get a bad rap. It can also be poorly done. There are no rules when building your salad. Ours include varying types of lettuce (on one plate) or spinach (preferred!), fruit, veggies, cheese, meat, fish (canned tuna or salmon are awesome!), sautéed veggies, egg, nuts (yum!), avocado, crushed taco chips, small spoonfuls of sour cream and salsa. Let your imagine take you to wherever it needs to be in order to build yourself a green supper!

Filling. Satisfying. Healthy. A great way to use leftovers.


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