Sweet Potato Hummus


It was so simple.

I was making hummus.

Yes, again.

The typical jar of originally-purchased-but-soaked-and-simmered-chickpeas (approx 500mL) including some liquid. A couple swivels of EVOO, a quarter cup of lemon juice, a couple pinches of salt, a couple tablespoons of tahini, and a wee bit of water. They all went in the blender and I listened with anticipation as it screamed swirled and blended my ingredients into a lovely medley soon-to-be-referred-to-as: snack time!

I pushed stop and just felt bored by it’s typical beige hue. It needed a little TLC. It needed just a little something extra. So, I added some garlic for a flavour twist. Of course this didn’t change the colour. It was still a little sad looking. (Perhaps the sun was hiding that day?…hence my need for some colour inside? Who knows.)


I headed to the fridge to see what I could find. The peppers were enticing but I think I’ll venture down the roasted pepper hummus when I have peppers on their way out, not fresh, deeply coloured, perfect-to-eat in the fridge. (My kids might disown me if I used a pepper in something as opposed to just crunching down on it, raw.) So that was out.

There was an avocado but it was still a little hard. We tried avocado hummus at Costco and it was yummy. I’ll try that soon.

Sweet potatoes: cut in half, roasted on a pan with a thin layer of water for about 45 mins. Skin removed and mashed with a fork.

The roasted, mashed sweet potatoes were however sitting there awaiting the babe’s next meal. So I thought: why not?! I put probably about a third to half a cup of it and hit “blend” again. Definitely thick. I added a little more water and a bit more lemon juice.


This will last through about a week's worth of veggie dipping at lunches or suppers and as a part of the main meal if you're one year old, in our house.

It was really really good. Sweet. Much sweeter than I anticipated. Creamier. It needed some sort of kick. So I grated just a wee bit more garlic in. (Grating garlic as opposed to chopping it or throwing one in whole will yield a significantly more pungent breath-stench. Heads up!)  I bet chilis (adobo) or chili powder would be great in this to give it a kick! Perhaps not a great plan for the little people, however.

So there ya’ go, a twist on the usual hummus!

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3 Responses to Sweet Potato Hummus

  1. This sounds…. elegant. Three of my favorite things all in one.

  2. Sharla says:

    sounds delicious and I never would have thought of it! I will have to try it soon and I will have to try the avocado one too…yum!

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