Just Walk

I’ve always said that one day she’d just decide she wanted to walk. Makeda’s smart. She knows what she wants and when she does decide to go for something, there’s no stopping her. If she’s not ready, she’ll simply not take the bait.

Walking was no different.

She crawled Christmas Day.

She pulled herself up to standing very very soon thereafter.

She stood independently several weeks ago, and has been able to stand (motionless) for a minute, easily, for a good couple of weeks also.

But she’s never had any desire to walk. Dangling something in front her has simply encouraged her to descend from her biped position and crawl.

And the girl can move on all fours.

And then, Friday night.

And we were finishing supper (some of us were done…namely a one and five year old.)

And we were all there.


And she simply walked.

Just. Like. That.

Initially she took a foot and a half crossing from the coffee table to the couch.

Then it was the couch to Daddy at the fireplace…a similar distance – but with human motivation!

Then it was many (!!) feet from the couch to Mama at the island in the kitchen…coercing her with the iPad. (The girl loves her electronics…but what kid doesn’t?!)

And there you have it. Within minutes she was walking circles (quite literally) in the kitchen.

And to think that less than six months ago, I was preparing (madly preparing!!!) to hitch a ride on a jumbo jet half way around the world, to meet and bring home the sweetest baby girl…whose legs were so underdeveloped that they curled under her like those of a newborn.

You can watch her here.

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4 Responses to Just Walk

  1. Jenn says:

    Seriously, so adorable! WATCH OUT WORLD!!!–HAHAHA!!!

  2. nearerstill says:

    um, for some reason my reader was NOT updating me on your new posts so I just had to back read A LOT! Anyway, yay for walking. Now let’s see if I can fix it in my reader.

  3. joanne holland says:

    What a beautiful moment!!….thanks so much for sharing!!!….=>

  4. Sharla says:

    What a blessing that you were all able to witness her first time walking!!!

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