Super Simple Smoothies

Throw me a bone. It was day ten of a ten day stint alone with these crazy kids lovely, well-behaved off-spring of ours. It had gone well, they’d been good. (That is, however, relative – it was ten days and they are 1, 5, and 6.) But that final night I could see the light. (The light being the husband likely to arrive home sometime in the wee hours.) And while suppers had most definitely been uh, different, than when we are five, they had been very healthy and meals I would happily serve over and again without a pang, twang, or twinge of guilt.

Something gave, however on that final night. And, save the admission I made to one person (that person being the spouse who fully understood my predicament), I will carry with me to the grave, that last supper during which we ate as four. To. The. Grave. It was not my best moment. (Though I did throw in a mountain of veggies to eliminate some of the guilt.) It was quick. It was a no-clean-up meal. It was a no-prep meal. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Period.

And, as per their usual 6:45pm request the words “I’m hungry” came rolling off their tongues. But the creative thinker, giver of all healthy snacks was spent. The supper guilt, however still weighed on my shoulders (and they’d already each had a piece of fruit after said meal) I wanted to offer something easy to whip up yet with much appeal…perhaps even some novelty.

And that night, for those boys, creative snack appeal came forth in the way of a smoothie.

I realize smoothies frequent many a household. Not here, however. I’m not sure why but our blender is used mainly for hummus making.

In holding fast to the K.I.S.S. method these smoothies (which were the most incredible hit, may I add), our smoothies…our oh, so, rich, creamy, sweet, filling smoothies looked like this:

KISS Smoothies:

  • 1 handful of blueberries (frozen)
  • 1 handful of nectarines, cut in chunks (frozen approximately 8 mths ago…I know! what a great way to use them up)
  • milk until your blender no longer screams at you but rather swirls said ingredients (we use whole milk for all our children. regardless of age the importance of high fat milk – this is good fat – is so hugely beneficial. trust me. or don’t and just research it for yourself)

In order to guarantee the most successful and delicious of smoothies, never ever forget the straw. The straw increases the liveability factor a million-fold…with little people and I’m certain with big people, too!

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