Kale Crunch

I’ve been reading up on kale a bit recently. Continuously and constantly, this Mama is on the hunt for a snack alternative; (can I just say, I deviated from the wheat/gluten/grain free the other day at a celebration – initially it wasn’t intentionally but then that stuff is addictive…hence the whole hearted full throttle slashing thereof from my diet – and I felt like death warmed over).

Kale is of the cabbage family (don’t go running the other way as though I just lit the house on fire…cabbage can be good!) and is therefore chock full of fibre, cholesterol lowering qualities, flavour and, it offers a huge array of cooking qualities. I’m actually quite excited to venture down this new path of exploration. Seriously. I love a new find.

I’m not currently in the market for new veggie supper ideas or additions to such dishes as stir-fries or the like. Snacks though – I truly believe they should be a food group of their own. And I’ve found that when feeding the ankle biting, fort building off-spring small children, calling anything a snack will nearly guarantee the likability factor of that which is being served. Try it.

Also, I think adult movie nights after said small children are tucked sweetly in bed, could be ever so more enjoyable with a snack other than the usual almond/walnut/raisin go-to. Don’t you? (What, you indulge more than that?!)

I’ve been wanting to try kale for awhile (and soon I am certain, collared greens and such will follow) but again, not in a meal.

So, kale chips it was.

Pay dirt, people. Pay dirt. 

Say it with me…PAY DIRT.

{the veggies in the background aren't just for show. we eat a lot of them. and i love the colour they bring to the fridge. more appeal than a bunch of jars or packaging don't you think?}

A wonderfully full, lusciously green, head simply full of what looked to be vitamin and mineral goodness set us back a whopping $1.27. More abundant than a bag of potato chips, it cost even less. (Plus, did you know that there are very few brands and certainly less flavours of said saturated fat crisped, which do not contain wheat, corn or products thereof?! We have indeed scoured the chip aisle. True story. I have the most devout of husbands – love you honey! {today’s our anniversary…and we’re celebrating from a country apart! boo, but he’ll be home soon} – and he is truly in the market to help me out.)

{looks pretty rich eh?!}

I digress. Kale chips caught my eye several weeks ago and with the hype they’ve earned recently,  I couldn’t turn a blind eye.

A little EVOO, a pinch of salt (perhaps next time I’ll add a few additional spices – paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, chili spice?!) and Bob’s your uncle. Well…Paul or Richard or Chris or Ken if you are a part of this family. Anywayzzzzz.

The prep is super simple too. Rinse your kale well. Pat it dry. Remove stems and tear into bite size pieces. Place on a baking sheet, spray with a little EVOO and sprinkle down your spices of choice. Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes or until leaves are browned…careful, once they begin to brown they will quickly burn so keep an eye on them those last few minutes.

{this is only half our bunch of Kale...meaning the total cost of this large bunch is $0.63}

{perfect snack prep means little hands can help, allowing you the freedom to click away}

{i gave them a little toss after spraying them with a little EVOO}

{caution: small children may flail around on your kitchen floor while anxiously awaiting their snack}

{our bowl of baked kale yumminess!}

A couple tips from a first time kale baker…

  • tear the leaves into small bite size pieces. this is really important as the large leaves will crisp up perfectly in some areas but remain soft and more lettuce-like in other areas if they are left too large. rookie mistake.
  • do keep a close eye on them. once they begin to brown they really will bake (read: burn) quickly. i read this several times and came close but never charbroiled ours!
  • in the same breath, if they look a little dark and juicy they still have too much moisture and won’t be crispy.
  • these are a very forgiving snack to bake. what i mean is that once removed from the oven and deemed not-crispy enough, they can easily be thrown back in the oven. also, if they begin to go limp if not eaten fast enough they can be thrown in the oven and crisped no problem.

Yummy. Healthy. Fun. Simple. Quick. Cheap. Finger (and figure!) friendly. Why not!

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2 Responses to Kale Crunch

  1. wartica says:

    I totally agree: kale is a really great vegetable, and I, too, equally love them as chips – nothing better than that:)) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  2. Anna says:

    I just bought some kale at the store after hearing all the hype but needed a recipe! Thanks!

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