Slow Elimination

I just realized that title could be twisted in a disgusting way. Can you tell we have kids and deal with lots of poop around here?!

I digress.

I hate waste. I can’t stand seeing stuff being thrown out. Often from a financial perspective but when it comes to food – having just recently witnessed first hand the true meaning of ‘have not’ and ‘no food for supper’ – I cringe at the thought of food waste when so many have none.

So while we are taking a turn towards a significantly grain free eating lifestyle around here, I am not going to wade my way through the deep freeze, likely falling head over tea kettle, to throw whatever is grain-containing out. My stake and claim here is that the majority of our freezer contents includes berries, some applesauce, and meat. Period. Good, nutritional, wheat (grain) free stuff that will all be used and enjoyed.

However, the other day I caught a glimpse of a bag of bagels. Not sure why. No one around here really likes them. They’re too dense. Too tough. No fun with our typical almond butter and black/blueberry repertoire. I believe they were purchased awhile back upon request (likely) by a little person voicing his admiration. I don’t often give in to requests which haven’t made the cut on the grocery list but every once in awhile it seems harmless. (Oops.)

I digress.

Last night the bagels met their demise. In the form of crisps or chips. Still gluten/grain/(wheat!) filled, they will now be used and never again purchased. (I know, never say never…but I will say it this time, and hold to it).

Sprayed with a little EVOO after being thinly sliced, one batch was sprinkled with a wee bit of salt and the other a wee bit of cinnamon (that’s it!). Baked at 400 for 10 mins, flipped and then another 5 minutes and they came out brown and crispy. I’ll admit they were likely stale or freezer burnt or both initially, but this seemed like a simple way to salvage them. They’d be yummy with a bit of hummus or balkan yogurt or maybe just a bit of nut (or seed? we have yet to try it!) butter…simple dipping sauces for wee fingers…don’t you think!?

Plus, no food waste and of course easy on the wallet.

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2 Responses to Slow Elimination

  1. Katie says:

    Good call! I too have many bagels in the freezer that no one is likely to eat. I bet you could make bread pudding out of them too – but since my toddler is a cracker monster, this should fit the bill nicely! 🙂 I love your kitchen ideas!

  2. What a great idea! Ironically, I have about 10 bagels in my freezer right now, and I know there’s no way they’re getting eaten anytime soon. I’ll have to give this a try!

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