Cheap Eats

I’m often asked how we make our budget work. It’s a small one for a family of five. And, it’s become quite the challenge to incorporate a new being (a big-eating-wee-thing-of-a-new-being) into our family without having changed the dollar amount we spend monthly on food. I think, aside from the obvious (dried beans/legumes over canned, buying in bulk or multi-buys if possible, never buying juice, keeping condiments to a minimum), we often keep it simple in order to stick to our monetary goal. I have been scouring flyers a little more lately and price shopping more than I used to. n the past it’s been more of a hobby to see what’s on special and where. In recent weeks it’s become more necessary. And I love a challenge. And I have the best five year old helper, so grocery shopping isn’t something I dread.

Today, lunch for a certain five year old consisted of what he calls “ditch on a log” and a banana. Ditch on a log somehow morphed (in his mind) out of the combination of “bugs in a ditch” and “ants on a log”. And I have enough battles in my day not to worry about the title of a simple dish. Plus, I think it’s kind of cute. And he’s growing up too fast so I’ll take cute whenever I can.

The celery stalk cost me about $0.09. I am basing this on an average “head” (what’s a big “thing” of celery called anyway?) having ten stalks but ours actually looks pretty generous and may have more. And they were huge. The head/”thing”, it cost $0.97. The peanut butter likely around the same per serving…we have a 2kg container from Costco of the organic stuff. I believe it cost me around $9. So, the peanut butter he had today was likely comparable in price to the celery. We crammed it full of raisins (my 2 kg bag cost me $7) so again, cheap cheap…let’s say $.10 (give or take). He washed it all down with a glass of water and of course that banana. The latter cost $0.23. (One bunch of eight totalling $1.86 this morning at the store.)

Feeding a five year old a satisfying lunch today: $0.51.

Anyone else find it ironic that “dessert” cost nearly the same as the actual “entree”?!

And his sister? She had a banana, sliced thinly with dollops (yeah, that’s the technical term) of peanut butter smushed (also technical terminology) between two slices…sandwich style. She didn’t need the filler of bread. No particular reason other than the prior post. She’s a very healthy eater and didn’t ask for more.

Feeding a one year old…likely a whopping $0.32.

I had leftovers which I’m not about to try and breakdown price wise but I’d say to feed two kids (with healthy appetites!) for less than a dollar is pretty good…wouldn’t you?!

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1 Response to Cheap Eats

  1. “Ditch on a log” too adorable! Great post! I believe you can eat filling, healthy foods on a budget too!

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