Avacados Are In Season…

Have you noticed lately, the abundance of avocados at your local market or grocery store?

Have you noticed lately, the decreased cost of avocados at your local market or grocery store?

They are in season! And they are so delicious.

We are huge guacamole fans around here and the health benefits are fantastic.

My bone of contention has always been that the appearance (you know, green not brown) of my guacamole is short lived. I know, I know…add lemon or lime juice, keep the pit in until you’re ready to use it, keep it in a dark cool place. I do all that. All of it. Religiously. And, while the one year old doesn’t care about the colour if we’re being honest (and we are) the five and six year olds have issues. And rightly so. Who wants to eat something that looks like their sister’s diaper contents. Sorry to get graphic but I am told you I’m being honest. And I live in a house full of kids. And diapers.

My other bone of contention is that eleven months out of twelve, avocados are small and costly. It’s easy to pay $1.20 or more (!!) for a teeny anemic looking avocado most of the time. Right now, however, I’m seeing them for $0.85 and they are huge and beautiful. Plus, when produce is tree/vine ripened it’s often more nutrient rich than the stuff that’s been sitting in a cellar or cold warehouse for months, right?!

Quickly – our guacamole is super simple. And, from what I’ve read the less ingredients in this dish, the better. One batch of guacamole includes one ripe avocado (smashed with a fork), a pinch (or two) of salt, a tablespoon (or two) of lemon juice, and some garlic – little people and personal taste dependent. That’s it. Mix it all together and you’re set.

I have good news, people! I have a cousin who lives nearby. This affects you how? Well, she recently informed me about the freezing qualities of the guacamole she purchases at Costco – you know, the place where you can only buy things in mass quantity and so those things you can’t freeze, have a long shelf life or eat quickly go bad?! She shoves her guacamole in the freezer and pulls out a green-filled container (you know, unlike the diaper contents colour you might otherwise anticipate) whenever she’s in need.

So, I wondered to myself why this wouldn’t be possible with the homemade stuff. And low and behold it is. And you have eight months to use it!!!


I’m heading out to buy myself a dozen or so in-season, inexpensive avocados this week.


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2 Responses to Avacados Are In Season…

  1. Jacquie says:

    Awesome! I love avocados and I had no idea you could freeze them. – and I wish I was paying $1.20, here in NB they are $1.99 in the grocery stores!

  2. Mel Way says:

    Best news ever. I’m a massive Avacado fan, as is Rose. I love that Kevin isn’t s lets be honest, I don’t really want to share it with him! I’m going to freeze loads!

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