Well Hello!

While our kamikaze adoption journey to Makeda has ended and she is home, our adoption journey – our life as five intertwined – will never end. It is our story. How we grew from four to five.

Faith tested.

Hope renewed.

Home filled.

Along the way, I learned a thing or two…mostly self-taught with much research and desire for self-improvement. Realizing the desire to want not only to feed my family well but to teach our children well – stretching the buck and filling the caloric intake wisely, it’s become a bit of a mission. There’s a crisis you know!? I believe we see an obesity crisis but what we don’t see is an unhealthy eating (and pre-packaged) crisis. We spend way (!) too much on foods made for us, in my personal opinion. Why not get back to basics, health, and teach our children along the way. Who knows, they may even teach us a thing or two.

I’m not into buying grains and other such ingredients whose names I cannot even pronounce. I’m Mama to three sweet, energetic (I was going to italicize that but figured it was self-evident), busy children. I don’t have time to try and pronounce crazy names of grains found somewhere in the jungle in Timbuktu (which is actually a town in West Africa – did you know?!)…but I am into health and I am into education…perhaps I’ll learn a thing or two here, too.

This passion has exploded since bringing Makeda home and grasping perhaps even more about the absolute necessity of nutrition and it’s effects on the growing body. Some things must  be seen first hand in order to be accurately and painfully understood. I now understand. And, some of those thoughts and our family life will make it’s way onto the pages which will follow…I’m sure.

As our family has grown from two to five in the past several years, our food budget (category) has taken a hit. Though surprisingly, we’ve made changes in order to only slightly increase it. Concurrently, my salary has also…taken a serious cut. We don’t, as a result, want to see our childrens’ health fall to the wayside or even become secondary and it’s become a bit of a personal challenge to feed them healthy, as much as humanly possible homemade food…on a budget (a pretty tight one) and keep them full all the while. Quite the challenge…

Follow along (no really, I would love followers!) as I share what I’ve to work for us…and maybe some of what hasn’t. Perhaps your food spending for the month will take a dip down. And your food’s nutritive quality will curve upward.

Wouldn’t that be fantastic.

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3 Responses to Well Hello!

  1. Well Hello to you! You were the biggest inspiration for me a few years ago when I started making healthier food choices – and have been my go-to person since. I am so thrilled that you have created this site to share your goodness with the world! xxoo

  2. Jacquie says:

    This is exciting. I loved following your adoption journey, and loved when you posted recipes. I’ve been trying to follow a real food diet, and have been getting most of my info from http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/ but it will be exciting to follow you, and get a Canadian perspective. I’m especially looking forward to finding ways to be budget conscious, which can be hard when trying to eat whole foods. Good luck on this new journey!

  3. Sharon says:

    Looks good Ashleigh. Hope you put Tait’s banana cookies on here for those who never got it on your other site. Sharon

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